If you have been wearing a dental prosthesis for more than 5 years without consulting your denturologist, you expose your health to unnecessary risks. In addition, unexpected breaks are more likely to occur after a reasonable period of time. Imagine finding yourself with a fractured prosthesis while traveling abroad? Too many people believe that a prosthesis remains adequate for nearly twenty years.

THE FACE CHANGES, your mouth and your jaws are transformed over the years. However, the removable prosthesis is made of a solid material that is not malleable. Since it does not have the ability to adapt to these physiological changes and artificial teeth wear out over time, the prosthesis can only perform effectively over a period of about five years. This reality has harmful consequences, often invisible and imperceptible, for the wearer of an outdated prosthesis.

Here is a brief list of the most harmful effects possibly experienced by wearers of a prosthesis older than five years:

-hole that digs and face that ages prematurely;
-breaking or unexpected fracture of the prosthesis,
taking off, often at unexpected times,
trip for example;
-greening of the gum;
painful, irritated gum
-more arduous mastication and more difficult digestion;
headaches, ears, neck and joint problems;
-Accelerated recovery of the gum …

And this list is only partial!

Replacing an old prosthesis with a new one is accompanied by a transition period. Keep in mind that a prosthesis changed in reasonable time facilitates the adaptation in the mouth, minimizes discomfort and guarantees a smile renewed in all discretion.

Few people provide regular care for the maintenance of their prosthesis. Some even omit it to let it soak and rest the gum. Do not play with your health! Visit your denturologist annually for an examination and follow his recommendations.

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