The annual exam, for the sake of your prostheses.

Your gums change over time. That is to say, the bone of your jaws decreases in volume each year. On bone resorption. To prevent unwanted effects, such as instability or prosthesis, irritation or deterioration of virtues, or chewing deficiency, it is essential to check your dental prosthesis annually. Do not wait to feel the pain or discomfort to consult your denturologist. The absence of pain does not mean that your prosthesis is right for you.

The annual examination of your prosthesis allows your doctor to prevent and detect any current or future problem.

During this examination, your denturologist can also clean and polish your denture to restore its original luster. This step makes cleaning easier at home. Indeed, when brushing your prosthesis, or the reason for the friction during chewing, the policy of your teeth crumbles and disappears little by little. This can lead to tartar buildup and may stain your denture. It is for the sake of efficiency, durability, aesthetics and, above all, to ensure your well-being that your denturologist is better than cure.

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