Replacing your natural teeth, complete or partial dentures remains the solution for you in order to maintain your quality of life, your health and self-esteem. From a functional and esthetics point of view, be aware that there are a whole range of prosthesis designed to provide you with stability, comfort and desired smile.

Created from an impression of your gums and your natural teeth prior to extraction, an immediate denture allows you not to remain toothless during the healing period which may extend over several months. Inserted immediately after extraction of teeth, the immediate denture protects oral tissues limiting bleeding, which promotes even healing of the gums and faster restoration of masticatory function and phonetics.

Despite its custom manufacturing, we must not forget that this type of prosthesis is designed only to meet transitional needs because of its short-term instability. Naturally, the resorption of the gums will require regular adjustments or a relining of your immediate denture during the first year.

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