You have sore and ulcerated gums?
Your dental prosthesis hurts you in spite of a precise adjustment?
The use of implants to stabilize your lower denture is not an alternative for the moment?

In spite of a custom-made manufacturing of your dental plates , you should not forget that over time,  a denture causes bone resorption of the gum, which has the effect of increasing instability and health problems such as  (pain on your gums, headache, digestive disorders, stiffness in the neck … ). If you experience discomfort with chewing and speaking, modification of your denture is an effective alternative and is less expensive than making a new dental plate.

To slow down the increasing instability which causes some pain and injury to the gums, rebasing, relining, adding a soft base to your lower denture are options that will allow you to keep your current prosthesis for a few more years.

base molle


A relining consists in adding acrylic within the prosthesis to fill in the light resorption of the gum. Often used in cases of minor adjustments , relining is made ​​from an impression of the gums straight from the current prosthesis, which allows the denturist to stabilize most complete dentures within  a short time. There are two ways to make a relining: either conventionally (with impressions and cooking of the acrylic in the laboratory) or immediately (directly to the chair). Your denturist will determine the best option for you.


The soft base relined can be made at the same time as a completely new prosthesis or simply added to an existing one. The solution is to set a soft rubber cushion in the lower denture. More porous than the standard acrylic base, the soft base increases the comfort of a traditional prosthesis. To maintain good oral and gingival health, it is recommended to check the soft base every year and replaced every 2 to 3 years before it becomes brownish and causes bad breath.


Rebasing requires a longer laboratory work than for a relining. It consists in replacing the whole pink acrylic structure that makes up the denture. The teeth are therefore preserved and repositioned on a new acrylic base moulded on your gums.



This simple process is designed to improve the retention and stability of the prosthesis, which promotes better speech and facilitates chewing. This system involves placing 2 metallic rods at the bottom of the prosthesis upon which the tongue rests for more stability. The myoloc system allows decreasing the accumulation of food under the prosthesis and also has the advantages of being invisible and not to interfere with soft tissues. It is recommended for people who do not have a lot of gums and have tried, in vain, everything to stabilize their lower prosthesis.  Myoloc system remains the cheapest and most affordable solution.

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