Whether it is for the sake of esthetics (whitening), for protection during sports, to counter the bruxism (grinding of the teeth) or for snoring and sleep apnea. Be aware that we manufacture certain types of oral devices designed for these needs and we guarantee results and custom-made comfort.

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The whitening system for natural teeth is a proven solution that allows you to lighten the tint of the enamel and dentine. By using a gel with a base of hydrogen peroxide and urea, which is without danger to the teeth, our custom made trays adapt perfectly to your teeth  in order to guarantee a uniform whitening unlike certain products found on tablets in stores or pharmacies, who could irritate your gums and mucous membranes without giving you an optimal result.

It should be noted that the number of applications may vary according to the degree of desired whiteness and that the resulting effect can last for several months, or even a few years, depending on your consumption habits (tea, coffee, red wine, etc. ).  Touch-ups may be performed with your customize whitening trays to maintain your desired smile.



During activities at risk or contact sport, it is strongly recommended that you wear a buccal protector perfectly adapted to your teeth. More comfortable than a prefabricated protector, the custom-made buccal protector is developed from an oral impression and consists of materials specifically designed to decrease the strength of impact carried to the jaws and teeth.

For maximum protection, do not hesitate to invest in a customized buccal protector rather than a store bought protector and risk a very expensive emergency dental treatment, or injury such as a concussion. If you have a dental insurance, inquire!   Several insurance plans reimburse the price for a custom-made buccal protector.



What to do if you suffer from bruxism (commonly called grinding of teeth)? Using an occlusal plate well-adjusted to your teeth might be a lasting solution to your problem. This type of occlusal plate is recommended when you grind/or clench your teeth at night, when you feel pain to the jaws and/or the teeth, when you suffer from headaches and/or difficulty in opening the mouth (especially in the morning).

Designed to prevent premature tooth wearing and relieve associated pain, the custom-made occlusal plate fits perfectly to the teeth, top and bottom, which allows you to protect their contact surfaces and to reduce to a minimum the excessive pressure which is exerted on the articulation of the jaw. The occlusal plate may last a few years depending on the severity of the bruxism. It is therefore important to have it check annually to ensure its effectiveness and comfort.



Wearing an anti-snoring device before going to bed may appear annoying. But if your snoring or apnea prevents you from getting a good night sleep; this device could be your answer; it could make all the difference!

More and more popular with the snorers, and to the delight of all those who sleep in close proximity to them, the Panthera anti-snoring device allows you to eliminate the noise of snoring and reduce the sleep apnea of at least 50 per cent or even more. The technique is to keep the lower jaw advanced from 5 to 7 mm, during sleep, in order to expand the respiratory system, which facilitates the passage of air.

Light, flexible, small but very strong, the Panthera anti-snoring device allows greater mobility and its precise adjustment ensures optimal comfort.

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