Réparation de prothèses dentaires Larochelle

It is most of the time possible to repair a dental prosthesis.  That said, it is very important to never improvise yourself as a denturist, in trying to fix the broken part or the pieces of your denture. Regardless of the magnitude of the repair, the use of a glue or any other products, risk in further damaging your prostheses; without forgetting the dangers of poisoning related to solvents and additives contained in the glues.

To avoid the inconvenience of being without prostheses during the repair time , it is strongly recommended to keep your old prostheses. It is obvious that they will not be  adapted as your current prostheses, but with a little adhesive to prostheses, they will enable you to operate temporarily. In the event that it is impossible to perform and to guarantee a sustainable repair, the option of a new full denture or a relining may be two solutions to consider.

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